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Earth is going through Hypercapnia (from the Greek hyper = "above" or "too much" and kapnos = "smoke") due to CO2 buildup and depletion of earth essential fossil fuels, part of its natural recycling process, which are the catalyst of the gas exchange process disrupting our ecosystem's foundation. A large scale Partial Liquid Ventilion ( to fill the fossil fuel's vital spot artificially within the earth with a liquid perfluorocarbon. The process the fossil fuels are indented for is then superimposed and oxygen and carbon dioxide are transferred through the liquid as nature intended until a monumental and balanced process are restored fully.


10^17 fossils available today in a celebration of restoration, landfills of caskets with skeletal remains will unearthed and stimulated into fossil fuel providing more green space on the crust and fill the depleted fuel caves in the once understudied layered cores of earth's energy process and nervous system.



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