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Solar comes from the sun. The newly recognized (by me for now) Infrared energy/light scale, the all and more of lights (UV, X-Ray, Sunlight, LED) known at present time, also encompassing radiation, heat, & data is believed to be sorted from nuclear energy source. Nuclear claims are based on infrared data providing the instinct and cell redevelopment data for all things living on earth . WW2 Nuclear Bombs radiation aftermath leading to unbalanced levels of IR leading to overexposure and mutations of cell development/regenerations at unnatural rates via the data bus stop was put in the wrong spot ๐Ÿ“in the Solar System. Lastly Suns are sourced from Nuclear Fusion Cloning (metrics, dolly the sheep, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Binary twins theory). The idea of the nuclear > IR relationship is established due to natural universe scaled nuclear fusion cloning and a new universal constant theory, Time and pressure will not merit change if perfect balance occurs, (politics, elements, literature, relationships, ancient pyramids, Sun to Earth) signifying the importance of the planet's distance to ours sun resulting in a natural well oiled machine. Like moving the decimal from center meters to meters 100 solar batteries = 1 nuclear battery. Equations & images coming soon. Who is infraready?



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